Hometown Heroes Recognition Program

2018 Program Specifications

  • Period: The program will run from June 30, 2018 through November 11, 2018 (Veteran’s Day)
  • Eligibility: The program is open to all Hopewell area residents and those having any connection with the city.  The purpose is to honor veterans of the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Reserve, National Guard, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine or Women’s Air Service Pilots who have served their country in peace or war, at home or abroad.
  • Purchase: Donors may purchase as many Banners as they wish.
  • Payment: The cost for each banner is $100.00 payable to the Treasurer, City of Hopewell.
  1. Payment by check, money order or cash is preferred.
  2. Electronic payment may be made using the City of Hopewell website, but payer will incur a $3.00 fee.
  3. All payments will be acknowledged by receipt
  • Application:

Those wishing to purchase a banner must do so using the application form available on the City of Hopewell website.  The application may be completed and submitted electronically to: jburt@hopewellva.gov   Subject: Veterans Banners 2018

–  OR  –

Printed application submitted by mail, or personally delivered to:

Department of Development, Attn: Veterans Banners 2018, 3rd Floor, 300 North Main St., Hopewell, VA 23860

  • Photograph: Each Banner includes and features a photo of the veteran
  1. Each application should include a “head and shoulders” digital photo of the veteran, preferably in uniform
  2. Photo may be in black and white or color but must be in electronic (digital) JPEG format (300 dpi minimum)
  3. Digital photos may be submitted in three ways:
    1. attached to an electronic (e-mail) application submission
    2. included with an application submitted by mail. Photo must be contained on either a CD or FlashDrive
    3. personally submitted with the application at the Department of Development (3rd Floor, City Hall) and contained on either a CD or FlashDrive
  4. Photos will be reproduced in the condition received. The City of Hopewell will not enhance photos.
  5. When submitted, digital photos become the property of the City of Hopewell and will not be returned to the donor.
  • Review: Before ordering a Banner, the application will be administratively reviewed by designated members of the American Legion and/or Veterans of Foreign Wars to ensure clarity in the report of military service.  Although verification of service through use of a Department of Defense (DD) Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty is not required, the administrative review acts to confirm military service.  Should the application contain questionable information or claims, the application will be flagged and returned to the City for additional adjudication before the banner is ordered from the supplier.
  • Ownership:
  1. Each Banner is the property of the donor who purchased it. A completed application is submitted with the understanding that the submission grants permission for the City of Hopewell to display the Banner at a time and location the City deems appropriate.
  2. Donors may elect to have their Banner returned to them after the advertised display period. Donors may elect to do so by checking the box included for this purpose on the application form.  At the close of the program, those wishing to receive their banners will be notified where and when to pick them up.
  3. Should a donor not elect to have a Banner returned, the City will clean and store the Banner for future display.

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